Cartoon Shows with Adult Themes

Forget the notion that cartoons are strictly for kids as time and creativity have proven that there are no limits to what directors can do with the animated programs. If you want to revive memories of way back when you were a kid and cartoons were what you always thought about there are releases to give you the right twist. The numbers of adult-themed cartoons are on the rise as producers look to address the fast-growing demands but the following are currently the most popular releases;

  • The Simpsons

This Tv series has not only defied the test of time as its production begun way back in 1989, but it has also remained relevant to its loyal audience. The series is centered on the lives of a middle-class American family and is frequently marked with heavy adult themes which are one of its core strengths. It is one show that has been the center of many debates as it depicts in ways that many people find surreal.

  • Family Guy

The Family Guy takes a top spot as an adult-themed cartoon with millions of viewers globally. It is based on the life of the Griffins family and their anthropomorphic pet dog named Brian. It tackles issues prevalent in the American culture with great satire, and you can expect a lot of dark, controversial, and offensive humor.

  • The Boondocks

If you want a cartoon show that touches on racial and social issues with the right touch of satire and conflicts, then the Boondocks will work for you. The main act is the Freeman’s family who faces different challenges as they settle in a white suburb. You can expect unpredictable twists and light touches on all those weighty matters that face our society.

  • Rick and Morty

Numbers do not lie, and that is one thing that makes Rick and Morty an adult-themed cartoon you must watch.

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