The cartoon show with sex scenes

A number of cartoon shows have broken the limits of what most people consider to be the norm for cartoon shows to include steamy sessions which are worth watching. The Japanese are more famous for this with their Hentai shows which could be described as XXX rated animation which leaves nothing to the imagination. However, for popular cartoons which have received outstanding reviews and attracted a whole lot of viewers for the sex scenes this is the countdown;

  • Fritz the cat

This cartoon was made back in the 1970s, but it features among the releases which have several sex scenes. The most memorable scene is the bathtub orgy which has been a subject for discussion in many circles and is said to be the most watched part of the entire show. Fritz takes the role of a dropout student who takes advantage of his perceived political rebellion to get laid and beyond the sex scenes is a fun show to watch.

  • Wicked Spider transformation

This cartoon has sexually explicit scenes and is famous for its combination of sex and horror. The spider-woman in the show is the main point of focus and decades later since its release it continues to attract much attention.

  • All is full of love

You ever saw robots making love, well this animated program goes out of the limits to explore a whole new world. It was released back in 1999 when not a lot of robot movies were popular and has been described as the ultimate combination of different fetishes and advanced robotics.

  • The Golden Age Arc Ii – The Battle For Doldrey

The trilogy has a sex scene that has mostly been described as beautifully animated and realistically rendered. It is a lewd act which shows seduction rather than the intent which is rape and is a scene that has become popular for many viewers.

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